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College this fall? Sports next season? SAT coming up?

Make reading the same page over and over a thing of the past.

This is a unique fast-paced opportunity to get your student's visual skills ready for the next school year.

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Our proven plan is based on decades of clinical experience, combined with cutting edge science and technology.

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The VCDC doctors are experts in the visual skills needed for school, sports, and work. 20/20 is only one of the 17 visual skills required for success.

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Your doctor will create a treatment plan unique to you, so you can reach your vision goals.

Your Team

Your team of experienced optometric vision therapists will teach you all you need to know, making each visit fun and engaging.

Be Ready

Your doctor will check your progress throughout the program. She will make a plan for followup to make sure you maintain all your gains.

A Bit About Us

The Vision & Conceptual Development Center was founded in 1996 by the late Dr. Harry Wachs, a pioneer in the field now known as Optometric Neurorehabilitation. Dr. Amanda Zeller Manley and Dr. Mehrnaz Green are both Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Vision Development, and Dr. Zeller has directed the VCDC since 2006.

Dr. Zeller and Dr. Green use creativity, neuroscience, and clinical experience founded on a century of knowledge of how the brain, eyes, and body work together to create a functioning human, combining these elements to put the "special" in specialty vision care.


Before starting vision therapy, I was having significant difficulties with headaches while doing near work, car/motion sickness, difficulty completing my work assignments on time, trouble with double vision at near distances, trouble accurately judging distance, and trouble with keeping attention while reading. Since I have a job that requires a lot of time spent typing notes and doing computer work, these difficulties were interfering with my ability to do my job as efficiently as possible.

When I first started vision therapy, I was excited because I was finally taking a step in the right direction to improve my vision and overall quality of life. The specialist that I worked with throughout the course of my treatment was extremely helpful, very motivating and often challenged me to push my limits to achieve my goals. When the time came for me to complete my therapy, I was excited about the significant progress that I had made but was sad that I would no longer see the staff at Vision & Conceptual Development Center on a regular basis. I had a wonderful experience in the vision therapy and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from similar vision issues.

Since completing vision therapy, the quality of my overall life has greatly improved! I can now complete my work in a timely manner and still have time to engage in other activities and interests! I owe a huge THANK YOU to VCDC for the amazing improvements in my overall vision. I no longer suffer from any car/motion sickness (this is a huge deal!), have minimal headaches and I can now successfully converge my eyes without experiencing double vision at near distances. I am so grateful for the strategies that were taught to me throughout treatment and continue to use them on an as needed basis to ensure that my progress is permanent.

Thank you Vision & Conceptual Development Center for everything you have helped me to achieve!

–Caitlin L.

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